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Dependable Auto General Services and Specialist Repairs



Established in 2000, Witchblair Engineering specialises in German manufactures. We give a comprehensive service from general servicing to specialist repairs. We have a comprehensive array of diagnostic equipment up to and including main dealer capability.

We have 25 years of experience in the motor industry and have kept in touch with the constant evolution of motor vehicle technology. In fact, our focus on the technical side of the business has given us a reputation for being able to engineer solutions to most problems and to be the go-to garage for local businesses in and around Woking, England.

Get to Know Our Owner

Justin Blair has worked in the motor industry for more than 25 years in total. He also worked in the Aeronautical world and engine development working alongside some of the world’s best-known engine designers including the late departed Keith Duckworth. This shows that he has a good understanding of how the internal combustion engine works along with a further 20 years of working with diagnostic systems and development software.

Justin has worked in the motor industry since the first electronic car was produced in 1985, and have been involved with the evolution of all the various incarnations of can bus and all the current technologies used within the automotive platform. This include the latest system to facilitate autonomous driving in the future, such as active cruise control, lane departure, high refresh GPS, blind spot warning and various parking technologies. 

On the flipside, Justin is hoping to compete in next year’s Monte Carlo Historique Rallye, where 300 plus car models, which competed in the original Monte Carlo Rallye between 1953 and 1980, are put through their paces across some of the most challenging mountain roads in Europe. The event takes place over 1 week in February and covers over 3000km. We have prepared a Lancia Fulvia for this coming year. Justin also supported a team this last year on the event.

Justin’s point is that we cover a very wide range of services and we deal with some very technical and quite often difficult problem in the modern market place all the way to full restoration of historic vehicles. We are diverse in our abilities and have a wide range of knowledge and skills to help with most automotive challenges.


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